About Us

Welcome to Happy Healthy Wholesome, your guide to fruitful living!

We provide practical and grounded information for happy, healthy living. Topics include mindfulness, personal development, and more.

It’s not the easiest always making the “best” choices, whatever they may be for you. Happy Healthy Wholesome exists so that you can find and do what is right for YOU. We only have one life and we should make it the most sustainably happy one we can make. We want to EMPOWER you to make you the best person you can be today and every day after.

Starting Happy Healthy Wholesome

We started this blog in early 2021, shortly after a phone call where Sania brought up BossBabe. The next day, while daydreaming about another career after a long day at work, Alanna was scrolling through BossBabe articles and felt the wave of motivation. She suggested starting a blog to Sania, who was immediately on board.

They met the very next day and immediately zeroed in on the focus for the blog. Sania was knowledgeable about physical health and nutrition, and has a very gratitude-driven (read: wholesome) and motivational outlook on life. Alanna was a recently-realized hippie-at-heart, interested in spiritual and relational health, especially for the busy early-career professional. Health, of all kinds, became our focus, and Happy Healthy Wholesome was born.

Who We Are

Hi everyone, my name is Sania!

My interest in holistic health began when 2020 had me looking deeper within myself to change my outlook on life. I’ve always had an interest in physical health being an athlete (grew up playing footy and rugby), so living my life as such gave me keen insight into fitness and nutrition. I am an ENTJ always keen to expand my knowledge and learn more about the things I don’t know.

Hello hello, I’m Alanna!

I’m an engineer and an enneagram 8 (wing 7). I enjoy learning how things work – brains, bodies, bacteria, societies, computers, you name it – and making complex things simple to understand. I strive to be both practical and grounded. It’s my hope that what I share will help people make more sense of the world in order to make real changes towards the lives they want.